Victory after madness in Eger

The first weekend of the new season brought Tim a category and an overall victory, but it wasn’t easy at all, because the duo almost had to gave up during the event.

In a short training session during the winter break, results shown potential, so they arrived confident in Eger.

The field had 7 SS’s ahead of them. The Tim – Timár duo get off very well, achieving a 3rd place on Super Special out of 65 participants.
On Saturday they needed to push through 6 stages on 3 different paths, 2 times.

The first round ended very well as results shown 3rd overall place, and 1st in category. Sadly, through the second round, weird noises started to appearing. They flewn into the service area to found out what was wrong.

The team almost needed to gave up the event. Luckily, they haven’t noticed power loss, so the whole team together made a choice to complete the race, risking a serious engine failure, which could’ve easily led to a complete dead season.

This plus risk eventually gave more motivation to them, as they finished 1st on the fifth stage, and also gathered a victory on the final Powerstage for extra points.

That means the Tim – Timár duo won the Eger Rallye, in category, and overall aswell. Their next event will be in May, in Miskolc.

„I don’t really know what to say. We were really close to give up. I felt that the engine is still ok, and I wanted to continue. Team Boss Kálmán Farkas let me race, luckily, and I’m very thankful for that. Papp was a bit far away at this moment, but we gave everything, and it turned out perfectly. Altrough we need to improve on gravel, thats our main goal. I hope that the car and the engine is completely fine aswell, and we can do a small test before Miskolc.”