From last to 4th

Tim participated through a full season in Rallye2, which contained 8 races. The Hungarian Champion started the season very well, but he went to Nyíregyháza without podium hopes because technical issues which has followed him through the year.

The duo won a race, been to podium, but wasn’t able to fight for the Champion title because many DNF’s. The only expectation was a good result for the last race, which has been accomplished.

The JG2 duo started the superspecial with a 6th place out of 45 participants. Saturday had a bad surprise for them, they left the service park with a 2m 10s disadvantage, which sent them back to last place.

They had good pace through the first 4 SS, but fog has arrived for the 6th stage, so the duo picked up the pace, and won it with a great advantage. Same happened on 7th aswell.

They had winning hopes, but there wasn’t any SS left, because they have been cancelled because of the weather. At the end, they finished 4th with a 2m1s disadvantage, and 2nd in category.

It’s unnecessary to think about what would’ve happened if.., the only thing whats matters is that we have won stages. Our car has been good to us this time. I’m really grateful for the team, for our sponsors, it’s good to have such background. I hope we can come back to win next year!

2 races left for the Tim – Timár duo, which will be declared later.