Tim’s podium on Mikulás Rallye

After an exhausting, interesting Rallye2 season, Tim finished 3rd in his category. The first year of the Hungarian Champion brought good memories, victories, but gravel races didn’t work out properly.

JG2 Racing allowed the Tim – Timar duo to participate on Mikulas Rallye with a Peugeot 208 R2. Targets were praticing, and becoming one with the machine. After a short test, the Hungarian duo arrived confident.

After a 6th place on first SS, they picked up the pace, and finished 2nd on following SS. They managed to keep almost this pace through every stage, and crossed the line with a 3rd place. They had a chance for 2nd place also, but the last SS was postponed.

“It’s not a secret, I haven’t been a big fan of gravel races before. After this much races on tarmac, it’s not easy to get used to something like this. Through the season I didn’t find the pace, now I got an other chance for it. I think we prove our point. Special thanks to our team and sponsors.“

One more challenge to go, Szilveszter Rallye will follow.

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