DNF from 2nd Place

Rallye2 countinued its tour to Veszprem for its 4th round, one and only on gravel. Tim arrived confident, because he wanted to prove his pace.

The Tim – Timar duo won the first race, but couldn’t finish in Miskolc because of an engine failure. They needed to participate on the third race with a spare car, but they managed to finish on podium place.

Their team, JG2 Racing brought their original car back to life, and pace looked fine.

Massive accident happened on SS1, and it has been deleted. They had good pace on SS2, tried to pick up a bit, but then a suspension failure occured, and they needed to give up.

“I’m very disappointed, nothing has been working out for us. This failure came out of nowhere, we didn’t hit anything. We have a great disadvantage in our championship, but we never ever give up! We can bring ourselves back in the remaining 3 races.”

Next stop, Komlo Rallye, end of July. They’re looking forward to win with a disadvantage of 25 points, on 4th place.

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