Champion 2021 again, this is Gábor Tim’s seventh trophy

Gábor Tim returned from rallying to track racing in the FIA Swift Cup Europe in the year 2020, where he immediately won the championship title. He continued in the year 2021 in the series and even though he had a difficult season, he managed to finished the Championship with an advantage of 50 points. So the driver from Vanyarc became a seven-time champion.

The Swift Cup Europe visited five countries, and 2021 season consisted of six weekends and a total of 15 races this year. Gábor Tim, the reigning champion, kept collecting top three places, he won several times, therefore he arrived at the season-closing Check weekend with such a big advantage, that he basically only had to appear for the race to win the Championship.

„The two worst results are not considered In the season, so I knew, that it is enough to push the car through the scrutineering and I will win the Championship. Of course this was not my attitude, I came to the Czech Republic to race, but I feel, that subconsciously I did not feel the fire to prove anything. Car racing is expensive and I did not want to finish the season with a wrecked car.” – explained Gábor Tim the happenings of the weekend.

Maybe this reticence could be seen at the qualy, where Tim gained only P6, even though qualies were never the strengths of the driver, he expected to finish better.

„I am not saying that I am happy with the result. I do not care too much about it on other tracks. Slovakiaring, Red Bull Ring, or Salzburgring are tracks, where you can overtake easily. Here, on the Brno track this is not the case. It is anything but easy. So P6 is not a very good omen for the race.” – explained Tim after the qualy.

Even though he could improve his position in the first race, but he could not compete for the victory. He finished fourth, which meant P2 in the FIA evaluation.

„Place four is not so bad. Two junior drivers finished before me, who do not get points in the international Championship, so I finished second. There was no problem with the pace of the race, I maybe felt some disadvantage with the braking distance, I could not slow down as usual  before a turn and this limited my chances to attack.” – said Tim as an analysis of the first race.

The second race, which was the last race of the season, resulted in a heated battle. Tim was fighting until the end, he overtook and was also overtaken, but could not exchange these for better placings. He started from the fifth position and finished at the same.

„Whenever I overtook somebody, somebody overtook me. Neither attacking, nor defending was easy. There were many contacts and several times I was overtaken in a way that somebody practically pushed me away. This is okay for touring car racing, but I wanted to keep the mechanical parts safe. However, this is not a wishing-well and one must accept that this pace today was enough for that position today. I finished fifth and third in the FIA ranking. In the end, if I consider this, I even increased my advantage in the Championship.” said Tim after the second race.

Gábor Tim finished the Championship 2021 with an advantage of 50 points and defended his title from 2020. Ever since his go-kart career, this is his seventh championship title, so there is a lot, which he can be proud of.

„Number seven is important for me. I wear the seven stars, which symbolise the seven world championships, that Schumacher won, on my helmet, so, this season was much harder, than the last one. The number of drivers has nearly doubled. If I start here next year, then it is sure that they definitely want to get me as a trophy. But this is good. I need the motivation. ” – explained Tim his thoughts about the number seven.

The big question is, what is next. A racer would always like to advance on the career leather of car racing, but Tim is not in an easy situation.

„You have to see that the fact that I can race in the Swift Cup Europe is a great opportunity, behind which there is a lot of work, help and support from friends.  To advance to the next level from here is a hell of a work, almost impossible. I do not believe in miracles, but rather in hard work. So, we will work in the winter to continue in an international series, be it even the Swift Cup Europe. But now, the most important thing is to thank all who helped me this year and gave me the chance to do what I can do best. I could race!”said Tim in his closing remark.

Final result of the Championship:

1.512Tim GáborFull Auto SE248234
2.546Lengyel Ádám / Molnár BendegúzCar Competition191184
3.586Aleks SówkaNovicki Racing199181
4.513Báldi Gergő / Csuti ZoltánM1RA167163
5.126Max WimmerTeam Wimmer Werk Motorsport132122
6.505Hartmann BalázsGFS Racing Team120120
7.188Fabian OhrfandlSuzuki Team Austria118118
8.164Martin ZellhoferSuzuki Team Austria117115
9.149Christoph ZellhoferSuzuki Team Austria115112
10.510Kamil SerafinSerafin Racing9696
11.171Philipp DietrichSuzuki Team Austria9292
12.114Dominik HaselsteinerTeam Wimmer Werk Motorsport8383
13.518Szomszéd LajosCar Competition3736
14.107Michael MayrSuzuki Team Austria3333
15.112Günther WiesmeierTeam Wimmer Werk Motorsport3632
16.196Daniel LemmerhoferTeam Wimmer Werk Motorsport3228
17.112Maximilan MayrSuzuki Team Austria2928
18.196Günther EdenstöcklTeam Wimmer Werk Motorsport2615
19.566Jakub SzablewskiNovicki Racing249
20.160Gottfried CepinSuzuki Team Austria77
21.166Robert PesevskiSuzuki Team Austria160
22.123König VeltSuzuki Team Austria100
23.124Ken MildeSuzuki Team Austria80
24.111Erich WeghoferTeam Wimmer Werk Motorsport40
25.511Füge KrisztiánWixxico00