Gabor Tim won in Czech Republic!

13467693_10209886791385993_2065916268_oGabor Tim arrived to Autodrom Most with a lot of difficulty behind him, where the 3rd round of the Octavia Cup was held. Those ones who following the season of the Apex Racing driver could know that the financial background obtained just before the weekend, and it seemed that Gabor need to skip the weekend, and retreat from the season.

He arrived to the Czech Republic at the front of the point table. Gabor won 3 races out of 4, and he was on the podium every time. His 25 point lead could be calming, but the hard part just came after it.

13453487_10209903755770092_1293158817_o16 entries were made, included Tomas Engle, who participated in Formula 1 and ran in Le Mans several times. It was the first weekend for Filip Sladecka, who could be known from FIA ETCC.

The qualifying session was held at Saturday, but Gabor had some issues with the car – the car’s body scoured a tire – and needed to visit the pit lane several times. He qualified at 4th place. Tomas Enge became first, shown that he had the talent to be in F1.

Tim started the first race very well. After the green flag he became second, and attacked the leader driver Tomas Pekar. At the start – finish straight he went inside, but some kind of smoke came out of his car, and it became powerless. Michael Vorba took the chance and overtook Gabor.

13428433_818886208244552_2515605963230267641_nThe Hungarian driver didn’t have the power to attack back, so he finished the first race at 3rd place.

Gabor had the 5th place for the second race on Sunday. Got the start perfectly, overtook Enge, and marched to second place. In lap two, he took the lead with a pass over Adam Rzepecki, but he locked his tires.

Like on the first race, Pekar and Vorba were the challengers, they followed Gabor who had issues with his rubber. He made a very impressive defense, almost through 10 laps, and won the race.

Tim was on the podium 6 times, and it was his fourth victory. If the driver and the manager could make a strong financial background, Gabor will continue his fight with a 22 point lead.

PFDX3877„To be here, is a miracle for us. I’d like to say a huge thanks to my team, because without Apex Racing I couldn’t be here. We’re doing our job as hard as we can, but we cannot find sponsors, thats a terrible feeling. I don’t want to complain, just like to enjoy this weekend. Our victory wasn’t in the air, I hope we surprised our rivals. This is their track, like I know every inch of the Hungaroring. This makes me feel like this is the most important victory in my career. We’re going to have a bit of rest, and after it we preparing for the next round. I know that our participation is not sure at all, but I’m hoping for the best. My friends and my fans are all awesome, they give me a lot of power through these times.” – said Tim.


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