Tim tries to recover after second DNF

Gábor already knows that motorsport walks hand-in-hand with technical issues. During his career he suffered from these fails, and now found himself in the same situation.

The multiple champion participating in Rallye2 this year which started perfectly for him. He finished 3rd in Eger Rallye, then he won Miskolc Rallye with Tamás Tímár on his side.

They had great hopes for Iseum Rallye, but they overcooked a jump, landed way too hard, which damaged the car. The machine suffered from cooling issues, and needed to give up the race due to a broken driveshaft.

The fourth race was Székesfehérvár Rallye, where the duo took of easily, built the pace up properly, but they suffered the same driveshaft issue again, and they needed to retire.

„It’s hard to being positive. After the second race we were first in overall, and look at it know, we’re down the drain. Altough we can remove our worst results at the end of the year, it’s clear, that we have a massive disadvantage. We need to get ourselves back on track, and we believe, that the 1st place is still reachable. JG2 Racing will do their best, this one’s for sure. Tamás and I need to pick up the pace, and show what we can do.”

Rallye2 will continue in July, next event will be Veszprém Rallye.

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