The Czech Republic brought two second places for Gábor Tim

The third round of this year’s Swift Cup Europe championship took place on the track of Brno, Czech Republic. Gábor Tim, who already won four victories this season, arrived at the track with a 21-point advantage. And after adventurous races, left with also 21-point advantage. The two 30-minute races in the Czech Republic brought him two second places.

Gábor Tim won four out of his six races in the previous two weekends and looked forward to this weekend in the Czech Republic with a confident virtue. He already got tactical on the time trial; he got the 3rd position on the grid with only running one round.

We’re going to have 30-minute races instead of 25 this weekend. It is an extra usage for the tires. I didn’t see the point in forcing the time trial for too long, the third place that I ran was right for me. Of course, the first line would have been better, because it’s not easy to overtake here, but I think I will be able to fight for victory from here as well.

– declared Tim after the time trial.

On the first race Tim starting from the 3rd position fought for the second place, when he got spinned out. Although his opponent got penalty, he couldn’t fight for the first place.

Teammates started in front of me, I knew they were going to work together, that’s natural. My main league rival, Dominik Haselsteiner, went ahead, and Max Wimmer defended him, essentially holding me up. I tried to overtake so I can go after Dominik, but during the overtake he spinned me out. I was able to hold the car, but I had big drawback, I didn’t have a chance to get any further. Max got punished so I finished second place

– Tim summed up his first race.

On the reversed grid – second round and the second place meant the 7th position for him. Tim started well, overtaking his opponents in a row, and then took the lead in the sixth lap. He led through the second half of the race, all the way to the final lap. Then, on a braking distance, his car balked and slipped out. Although he returned to the field, he only finished in third place. Max Wimmer got a penalty again, so Tim inherited second place.

I braked at the same places as in the previous rounds, but the car’s back simply checked out and I slipped. I thought I made a mistake or drove on something, but even after this I felt the brakes were bad. After the race, it turned out that my front brakes were gone, that’s why the backs got blocked, so I slipped out. I felt really bad because it would have been a smooth win, I kept the race in hand.

Tim said after the second race.

The Swift Cup Europe ends in October with two race weekends. First the field will visit the Slovakiaring, then the tournament will be finished on October 23-25 ​​at the Hungaroring.