Gabor Tim in second place before showdown

After couple of championship titles Gabor needed to gain a foothold in MARB, to compete in rallye races. With Tamas Timar on his side, and a hand-built Nissan Sunny Gti under him, they participated at their 7th race this season, Rallye of Lyukóbánya.

The twain gained 2 absolute race wins and 3 category wins so far this year, but they had some bad luck at last couple of races. Suffered from suspension issues in Zobákpuszta, and they DNF in Porrogszentkirály.

Lyukóbánya – Parasznya Rallye was their first race in wet conditions. Due to inexperience they found themselves in a ditch, which cost them a lot of time.

The duo finished 6th overall and 3rd in category. Currently they’re 2nd in 2000cc category.

We’re in a downturn at the moment. After a very strong start our luck left us nowadays. We’re fighting for the overall victory, but its being too far. Our competitors are more experienced. Still we have a chance in our category, and we didn’t give up the overall win. It’s still a learning year for us. My mentality is still the same, i want to win.