The Runner-Up

Only one question left open before the last race of the season. The duo wanted to keep their second place in championship standings.

Tim’s last season finished on 5th place overall. His pace would have been enough for a victory this year, but he wasn’t lucky at all. Many technical issues led to the last race, Mecsek Rallye.

Their race was sadly short. They finished 3rd on prologue, aswell as on SS1. On SS2, a puncture occured, so they finished with a big disadvantage there.

After a short inspection, they’ve found a broken brake tube, and many more small problem, so they needed to give up the race. On the other side they were lucky, because their opponents had their difficulties aswell, so Tim and Timar managed to end the season in 2nd place overall.

“I think that was my first mistake. I haven’t noticed a concrete block, and it completely destroyed our wheel. On our track walk it wasn’t there, and others hit it aswell. I wanted to finish on podium on our last race this season, but that’s how it is. I’m not satisfied, because we lost many big chances, but I’ll get back stronger. Thanks for my team for the great support.