Victory gone up in smoke

Tim and Timár arrived to Miskolc with a championship lead after a successful race on Eger Rallye, so they looked forward to the second challenge. Sadly, their engine broke down before the finish, and they needed to retire from first place.

The duo gathered every single point in Eger with an overall, a category, and a powerstage win, which meant extra 5 points for them. They had high hopes for the next round aswell

The grid needed to participate on a Prologue on Friday, and they needed to fight through 8 SS’s, which contained more than 100 race kilometres. Gábor and Tamás started properly, they picked up the pace through the stages. After the 4th stage they were already first, and they also succeeded on the fifth one, which meant a 30 second lead.

Sadly, the sixth stage lead to an end for them. The engine gave up, burst into flames. Luckily, they escaped, and managed to get rid of the fire.

Footage from the incident:

„That was a hard one, because we had the lead, had the pace, and we could’ve won. We took our chance, and we were quite fast on dry surface, aswell on wet. We pushed hard, and our engine couldn’t handle it. That was our spare engine, which was a bit worn, but it went gone in the worst possible time. That was my first engine fire, and hopefully, that was my last aswell. We need to keep our heads down, and need to focus on our next race. We want to win in Székesfehérvár’”

The Rallye2 grid will have a little break, after Iseum Rallye have been postponed. They will continue in June, in Székesfehérvár.