Gabor Tim won in Austria also!

At the end of April, Gabor started his season in Skoda Octavia Cup 2016 at the Hungaroring perfectly, with a pole position and a double victory. After the fantastic start the second round was held at the Red Bull Ring.

The qualifying session was held at Friday, where Tim won by 36 thousands of a second, just front of Michael Vorba, champion of 2008. Tomas Pekar took the third place, but his car didn’t met the regulations, so he relegated to the last position.

kettes-kanyarThe first race was eventless for Tim. He had a great start, and led the pack with 100 metres of lead at the end of the first lap. He was on the limit through the whole race, thereby he finished first place with a 9 second advantage.

After it, the organizers raffled the grid by the outcome of the first race again. Therefore Gabor started from 7th position on Sunday. His start was good again, but he chose the wrong side of the racetrack to avoid the incident at the first turn, but he came through unhurt.

Afterwards his car got hit from behind, thereby his rear bumper damaged. The rear part of the car came off so unlucky, that it caused a lot of air resistance, which slowed Gabor down considerably. In spite of all these he climbed up to third place.

After four races, Gabor is leading the championship with 25 points. The next round will be at Autodrom Most.

13198406_1555342241436298_7015026142513770920_o„ I could say that the first race was easy. But only almost, because I tried to run the best lap for the one plus point. Unfortunately I didn’t claimed it because of the slipstream, but the victory compensated it well, thats the most important. I was satisfied with the 7th place at first, but it came out as the wrong side of the racetrack. The grid jammed just in front of me, I was unlucky for the loss, but to be honest we came out without any damage – though we got hit later – and that was the main target. I came in at third place, but we were a bit off the pace. Nevertheless we’re currently leading the championship, so we don’t have any reason to complain.” – Said Tim after the race.

The standings after the second round (Race 1&2 + 3&4)

Pos. Name Nat. Hungaroring Red Bull Ring
Q R1 R2 Q R3 R4 Points
1 Gábor Tim HUN 2 25 25 2 25 15 94
2 Tomáš Pekař CZE 19 19 5 26 69
3 Michael Vorba CZE 15 15 18 18 66
4 Sebastian Steibel GER 12 6 15 6 39
5 Jaromír Jiřík CZE 8 8 12 8 36
6 Adam Rzepecki POL 4 12 10 4 30
7 August Macbeth USA 6 10 1 12 29
8 Petr Fulín Jr. CZE 10 10 20
9 Bohuš Šesták SVK 2 4 8 14
10 Radek Bareš CZE 1 2 6 9
11 Tomasz Rzepecki POL 1 2 3
12 Tomasz Langmajer CZE 2 1 3
13 Dalibor Gondík CZE 0
14 Richard Maixner CZE 0