Ford – Podium for Tim

After a maxed out weekend on Eger Rallye, Gábor did not finish on Miskolc, so a great result was due on Székesfehérvár. Finally the Timár – Tim duo finished on podium after a rapid car change.

The duo started the new race weekend on 2nd place in the championship. Their engine blew on Miskolc, so their team needed to find a new engine as soon as possible, but they didn’t succeeded. JG2 – Racing finally rent a Ford Fiesta R2 for them, which has the same power output as their original car.

They didn’t have time for any preparation, so the first SS was their test, so to say. This event contained only 6 stages, so a good pace was mandatory from beginning.

They succeeded to pick up the pace for the last 3 stages, started all the way down from 13th, with best category time on Stage 5 and 6.

The new toy brought them an overall 5th place, aswell a category 3rd place, with a gap of only 0,1 second.

„From one side, it was painful. I think with my own car I could’ve won the race. From the other side, my team did a fantastic job, and I’m more than thankful for this effort. This Ford was pretty different, 1.0, 3cyl, turbocharged, but that’s how our world works nowadays. I need to admit, its pretty fast. We can still in fight for the Championship Title. ”

Next stop: Veszprém Rallye, July.