Victory On Kazár Rallye

Gábor Tim, the champion of Skoda Octavia Cup 2016 tried to stay in the world of track racing to fulfill his dreams, but the budget didn’t come together. This sad fact caused him to compete in MARB with his handbuilt Nissan Sunny Gti.

The first challenge was Kazár Rallye and with co-driver Tamás Tímár on side, they managed to succeed. Gábor reduced the gap continuously, namely he had a yellow flag section on Stage 1 due to an accident.

The twain ran 3rd overall time on 3 out of 6 stages, and they won the 2000cc3 category confidently. It was the first race of the MARB 2017, so currently Gabor’s leading his own category, and stays on 4th place overally.

„We were slipping through first section, and we’ve lost a lot of time during the yellow flag area. There was nothing to do, we had to be slow. I had a bit of trouble during section 3 and crushed the front of the car a bit, but beside that, we haven’t had any problems, the car was fine. We need to find a bit more pace tho, probably our transmission ratio is too long. It could be better with fresh tires, but we cannot afford that at the moment. I hope that we could participate every race. Its a must to stay in shape. „ Said Tim after the race.


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