Top on the table after won 6 races out of 8.

The last race weekend on Slovakiaring exceeded every expectations and dreams that we made. We headed to Slovakia with a minimum financial background, therefore we didn’t have any chance for a professional preparation.


Finally we did it! Got everything that we needed from the team, our only mission was to do our best. The team managed lots of improvements in setups, but we must accept that we have disadvantage although we didn’t know the reason.

Until the qualifying on Friday, we thought that our mechanical grip was the issue, but finally the clutch came out as the sinner. The guys didn’t take any sleep, worked all night long to fix the problem. Incredible job.

The 5th place on qualifying was a big slap, despite we known the problem.


After the fixing procedure the car became much better. Our first race on Saturday was fine, the dice turned.

Gabor had a fantastic start again. He managed to take the second place, and right after it he became first. During the race Michal Vorba was his biggest enemy, but he also had Pekar, Macbeth, and Adam Rzepecki right behind him. In the final lap Pekar tried to overtake Vorba. This little distracting was enough to secure the first place. Fifth first place in this year!


After the raffle we got the 7th place for the second race. Gabor never ever had a start like this, third place in the first turn, and first place after the next one.

It seemed like Gabor can secure his place until the chequered flag, but Macbeth was really fast on this weekend.

He pared down his disadvantage, and overtook Gabor for the first place. Gabor’s job was to stay in Macbeth’s slipstream.

Gabor done his job. 10 laps full with overtakes and battle, and secured the first place in the final lap. Macbeth was really fair, and didn’t do any reckless moves. Gabor won again, sixth time in this season.

After Slovakiaring he has a lead of 44 points before the last round in Czech Republic. It means that he need 10 points to be the champion of Octavia Cup. But first we need to make it to the next round. Wish us luck, it’s not far away now!



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