Tim’s swift farewell on Ózd Rallye

The multiple Hungarian Champion had a decent start in Rallye2. Sadly, only bad results followed. After a victory in Miskolc, nothing came out well for Tim. After 2 DNF’s he already knew that he has no chance for an overall title, but he still had hopes for decent results at the end of the season.

The duo arrived well prepared, they had a test before the event. Setup changes resulted a second place after the first SS with a disadvantage of 0.2s only.

They tried to maintain this great pace, but a trailing arm failiour resulted an early end.

I can’t find the proper words right know. We had chance for a victory again, but we can’t finish. I feel sorry for the team, and I feel sorry for my fans aswell. Last year the car was flawless, it looks like, this year it brings some anger to us. Still a winning car, but nothing has worked out properly. I hope for a podium finish on our last race, atleast. Huge thanks for my team, and for my fans for supporting me through these hard days.

Only one challenge left for the duo this year, Nyiregyhaza Rallye, which will be new for the whole grid.

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