Tim back to Rallye2 in 2019!

Gabor ran a full season in Rallye2 last year. The great start gave confidence, but because of various technical issues he can not finish 3 races that year.

This particular season brought him 5th place overall, and 3rd in category. Through the end of the year, Tim has been given a chance to test a Peugeot 208 R2, which ended up in a 3rd place on Mikulás Rallye, and 1st place in category on Szilveszter Rallye.

It seemed long that he possibly participate in Peugeot Cup, but financial issues butted in. New year with same car, same co-driver, but the goal is to win overall.

“Our last year was a rollercoaster. First race brought us a podium, a victory on our second, and then all of a sudden we can’t rush as we wanted. It wasn’t all about that, I haven’t had enough routine. I really enjoyed the time with that Peugeot, but for my team, that would’ve been too big piece of cake. Nonetheless, I can’t say anything, my Opel is a fantastic one too. I hope that we can bring what we are able to.”

Rallye2 Calendar 2019
Eger Rallye – 29-31st of March
Miskolc Rallye 26-28th of April
Iseum Rallye 17-19th of May
Székesfehérvár Rallye 7-9th of June
Veszprém Rallye 5-7th of July
Baranya Cup 1-3rd of August
Salgó Rallye 23-25th of August
Mecsek Rallye 11-13th of October

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