Sometimes its the rival, who helps

We wrote, and we will write that our situation isn’t easy. We didn’t find our main sponsor for the year, with whom our financial problems could be fixed. The Hungarian importer neither helped us, though we hoped for it. It’s summer now, thereby it’s hard to negotiate, but we didn’t gave up.

Luckily, we made some new partners. We’d like to say thanks to Wrotmann Cars Garage, to Fitness Factory, and Stefan Zorst Racing.


Nevertheless, we received the most interesting help from our rival, the Slovakian Bohus Sestak, he’s the one, that we almost crashed head-on on Red Bull Ring.

This kind of racing is new for him, and he’s got an arrear against us. It isn’t that big, but enough to lose his podium chances. He offered us to practice together on Slovakiaring.

It was really important for us, because our car received the new front anti roll bar. Gabor needs to get used to it, and we need to make the new setups for it.

DSCN0440We didn’t have any problems with the communication, Bohus speaks English, and understands Hungarian also, and his mechanic is Hungarian.

The plan was to test together, but a small and really important part of the car broke, so we only managed to run one phase.

Bohus offered generously us to use his car together.

It wasn’t a big cut for us, because the height was almost the same, like the seat position.

We spent the whole afternoon on the track alternately, and gained a lot of experience, that we forwarded to Bohus. Both of us was very satisfied, maybe we’ll have a continuation!

The Octavia Cup returns in three weeks between 19-21st of August on Slovakiaring. We hope that lots of fans will come.


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