Gabor Tim won in Felsőnyárád!

Those, who following Gabor’s carreer should know, that the multiple-time Hungarian champion is participating in Rallye events this year.

With his friend and co-driver Tamas Timar on side, the duo started the season very well. After many category and overall wins they found themselves in a downturn.

The 9th race of the year brought the turning point. They found the needed pace with the handbuilt 1992 Nissan Sunny Gti.

The duo started Felsőnyárád – Sajókaza SS in 2nd place, and kept on pushing until 1st place. They won their category and overall also.

„We needed to participate every event – because 10 race counts – and we had some where our car cannot perform properly. I came from track racing, i prefer smooth surface. Some of our races were held southward, where the tracks were really bumpy. My car cannot handle these conditions, it becomes unstable. We won eventually, thats why we came here. This will give us power and confidence.’


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